What, it's what I do!


I've never felt like this, I'll keep on running~!
And I won't give in; won't compromise, 'cause I only have a steadfast heart of gold!
Fastest Thing Alive here! And if you ever need help with anything, my ask is open. I'm all ears!

Chaos Emeralds: Green, red and gray. From other zones, purple, cyan and blue.

Current status: Has a lot of burned spots from running into LAVA SEVERAL TIMES.... DANG IT, MAGIC ANONS.
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Anonymous asked: watch?v=wKHuve-eKp0 It's raining.

*The blue hedgehog, with the confliction currently haunting his mind, actually.. becomes relaxed at the music… and ironically the sound of rainfall. After rushing under the awning of Tails’ workshop of course. With the sound of rainfall, and the music he was listening to relaxing him, he decided to just…stay there a while.*

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