What, it's what I do!


I've never felt like this, I'll keep on running~!
And I won't give in; won't compromise, 'cause I only have a steadfast heart of gold!

Fastest Thing Alive here! And if you ever need help with anything, my ask is open. I'm all ears!

Chaos Emeralds: Green, red and gray. From other zones, purple, cyan and blue.

Current status: His self-esteem's dented a little bit, but his pride's dented a whole lot more since he thinks something or someone took his title away from him. Also really shaken up after almost drowning recently.

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What the—? What’s with the last one?

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    "Would you be referring to the picture of you with the snake in your mouth?"
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    What the—? What’s with the last one?
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    Waaaaaaaaah! These drawings are amazing!
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    Why is this artist the best?
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