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I've never felt like this, I'll keep on running~!
And I won't give in; won't compromise, 'cause I only have a steadfast heart of gold!
Fastest Thing Alive here! And if you ever need help with anything, my ask is open. I'm all ears!

Chaos Emeralds: Green, red and gray. From other zones, purple, cyan and blue.

Current status: Has a lot of burned spots from running into LAVA SEVERAL TIMES.... DANG IT, MAGIC ANONS.
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A race!


*He’d underestimated this one, he really had. Watching him slow down like that, he honestly considered that he’d run himself out of energy, and was going to offer him some tips after the race about eating habits and keeping a pace, assuming that this one wasn’t neaaarly as used to running at the same measures as he was. A costly mistake. He’d even slowed down a little to keep from absolutely wiping out at the end — now he wouldn’t have another chance.

Genuine wonderment, pleasure, and even a little self-derision appeared on his face as he watched the other book it past him. Alright. Last few feet. It would be close. He pressed on quick and furious himself, delighted. Best! Best race ever!*

*And Sonic, ends up walking backward to the finish line’s edge as he waited for any sign of Turbo approaching on the horizon. After a couple of seconds, which was the least his patience could last, Sonic chuckled and turned back around, using the same speed from before to finish the loop and skid to a screeching halt across the finish line. He tapped his foot, hands on his sides upon stopping. 

Now all he’d have to do was wait out Turbo’s arrival, obviously the victor of this race.*

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