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Chaos Emeralds: Green, red and gray. From other zones, purple, cyan and blue.

Current status: Has a lot of burned spots from running into LAVA SEVERAL TIMES.... DANG IT, MAGIC ANONS.
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{It takes Galahad a few moments to look past the glowing gold fur and red eyes before he finally recognizes the other hedgehog; it was the Knight of the Wind! His fellow knights had told him much of the one who had saved their kingdom and defeated Merlina. Sadly, he had been away on a journey when the entire ordeal occurred; Percival was still chuckling about the face Galahad made when he returned to the kingdom and learned of everything he had missed. However, from their praising descriptions, he expected someone more… blue.

“G-Greetings, Knight of the Wind-uh! I mean, my King.”

{Galahad quickly kneels before Sonic, pulling back the shield over his eyes. To not kneel would be disrespectful to such a powerful knight!}

*The second he kneels and calls Sonic ‘king’, he waves his hands. He would tell Galahad to not call him that, but telling by his follower list he still had two more knights to greet; and they would all do this. He throws in the towel; may as well let them call him king so long as they don’t drag him to a palace.* 

Uh…you don’t need to kneel. It’s..perfectly okay to stand up! 

But, uh…I don’t remember you! Who’re you? Another Knight of the Round Table?

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