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Chaos Emeralds: Green, red and gray. From other zones, purple, cyan and blue.

Current status: Has a lot of burned spots from running into LAVA SEVERAL TIMES.... DANG IT, MAGIC ANONS.
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  • Check the description for this information, and come to me for status on the rest of the Emeralds if you wanna try and give one to Sonic; the Chaos Emerald information constantly changes with how they scatter and re-appear! 
  • Soap Shoes - An alternate pair of sneakers Sonic can wear and did wear in Sonic Adventure 2. Specifically made for grinding. Very durable.
  • Armored Glove - A right hand glove that works like armor; perfect for wielding a sword. Covered in scratches from wear and tear after being handled by Sonic when he was a “knave”. From Black Knight. 
  • Light Speed Shoes - Another alternate pair of shoes that Sonic can use to preform the Light Speed Dash along a trail or two of rings; used in Sonic Adventure. 

  • Mystic Melody - A light Sonic can call upon and use as a flute to activate ruins located in Sonic Adventure 2. Where it stays, no one knows — not even Sonic! All he knows is it just comes when it’s called.
  • 'Riders' Shoes - As the name shows, Sonic has yet another pair of shoes that he wears when riding Extreme Gear. Not as durable as his sneakers or Soaps, and definitely more fragile and sensitive, it’s made out of lighter and more forming material to allow the communication between Sonic’s feet and his board better while riding. Not recommended to be run in at full speed constantly. 
  • Light Gaia Bracelet - The ring Chip left behind. Has no real use other than remembering his dear friend. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not Chip’s “necklace”, it’s actually an ancient Gaia artifact Chip chose specifically to give to Sonic, as found by Professor Pickle.

  • Olympic Gold Medals - Well, of course he was gonna win some! The most notable are the ones in Track and Field, a silver medal in swimming from one year and… a Partners Ice Skating one made out to him and Eggman? Oh, boy…

  • Crystal Ring - Charges up the Light Speed Dash in Sonic Adventure faster. One of Sonic’s favorite accessories just because it looks great on him. 

  • Chrono Morpher “M-M: BLUE” Model - Thanks to a magic anon spell, Sonic received this morpher and was turned into a, yep. You guessed it. Power Ranger. He has no idea it’s a supersuit able to protect him from most harm, and give him more attack strength; putting it into storage for a possible Halloween costume next year. He…also has no idea that it makes him fight in the usual ridiculous manner, but that’s for him to find out later. 

  • Bounce Bracelet - Turns Sonic into a bouncy ball at will; used in SA2, aaaand now just being covered in dust because he can do this naturally without it.

  • Scarf from Amy Rose - Hand knitted, she made it for Sonic when he visits wintery places such as Holoska’s territory.  It’s a bright red color, matching his shoes. He wears it once per year, and treasures it.

  • Flame Ring - Allows Sonic to preform Fire Somersaults from Sonic Adventure 2. He always hates that he never gets a chance to use it, but never brings it along in case of setting a grassy area on fire.

  • Tails hoodie - A present from an Anon, Sonic has two pairs of a hoodie modled after his best friend. One for when he’s his usual size, and one just in case he gets magic anon’d into Classic Sonic. Rather comfortable, even if he doesn’t wear it often.

  • 'Riders' glasses - The sunglasses that adorn his head in the Riders trilogy. 
  • Magic Gloves - Allows him to use the Magic Hands in Sonic Adventure 2.

  • Hero’s Clothes - From the distant land of Hyrule, this special custom made version of traditional “Hero of …” armor fits Sonic like a glove — complete with green cap! It was a present from Princess Zelda; the “Hero of Sky” incarnation. 

.: ITEMS :.

  • Blue iPhone 5c - Payed for by his friends as a way to keep in touch with him after his old iPhone became obsolete. He uses it mostly as an iPod Touch.  He hardly keeps it charged, though, much to everyone’s dismay and groaning.

  • Chaos Radar from Dr. Light - More advanced than most Chaos Emerald-detecting technology, it ups the downs on Tails’ old radar. Has a hologram screen.

  • Blue Star II - The second Blue Star from Sonic Riders; made specifically for Sonic by Tails himself. It’s outputs not only match up to the old Blue Star’s single output and it’s speed, but also surpasses it — thanks to Tails basically mimicking the first Blue Star’s design completely and perfectly and improving on it. 

  • 54 Power Rings - Yep; straight from SATAM, some followers have given Sonic Power Rings to use if he ever needs to. It constricts him into a rather powerful and long spin dash pinball-like attack until the power in the ring fades away; along with the ring itself. 

  • Blue Star Model 2 - Zero Gravity model Blue Star; most likely bought from MeteoTech and modified for Sonic by Tails. It can change into Speed Up MAX, Grind, and GP MAX gears, and is obsolete. Sonic still takes any of his old boards for a spin sometimes, though.

  • Two Warp Rings - A zone-hopping device straight from the comic books. Unlike Sonic’s own Warp Rings that send him to Special Stages, these send him across his own zone — to anywhere he’s been before! … Rarely used, unless it’s Angel Island he’s going to, though. 

  • Blue Star Model 3 - Equipped with a Grind gear, this Blue Star is straight from Sonic Free Riders, and is Sonic’s favorite to use; completely custom built by Tails; with no MeteoTech attachments at all. And since MeteoTech’s run by Eggman, he likes it that way. 

  • Super-charged Warp Ring from Dr. Finitevus (chaos-isthe-constant) - Able to send Sonic across any zone he’s been to in the past — Once he learns to use it and visits some somehow. 

  • Speed Star - None other than his car in the All-Stars Racing tournaments. Upgraded into a transforming vehicle for Transformed! Built by Tails, of course; and before you ask, he drives it for one reason only. To make the races fair for others. 

  • Kongo Bongo brand blue guitar - A holiday gift from Diddy Kong. Sonic plays it every so often! 

  • Jet pack exhaust hose - Originally needed to give his world it’s energy back in Lost World, Sonic kept it as a souvenir.  

  • Camera from Amy Rose - Similar to the one he and Chip had on their adventure in Sonic Unleashed, with some advancements, and without the ability to exorcize people.

  • Miles Electric: Sonic B.B Model - A birthday gift from Tails, used in Sonic Lost World. Built for rough handling and high-speeds, it’s one of the gang’s ways of contacting Sonic. It has a longer battery than the other Miles Electrics. But… Like his iPhone, Sonic rarely charges the poor thing. And even when it is, he forgets to take it with him. 

  • Green Hill Zone multi-weather globe from Shadow - Self explanatory. Safe in Sonic’s room in Tails’ workshop.

  • Zone Globe - Birthday gift from Tails; a specialized snow glove to show any zone Sonic and Tails have been to via holograms. It’s safe in his room alongside the snow globe above; set to ‘random’ and usually at Emerald Hill Zone. He uses it to find a zone to visit when he wants to run somewhere but can’t decide. 

  • "Sonic’s Favorite Places" scrapbook from Amy Rose - What it says on the tin. Filled with amazing photos of the places Sonic loves the most that she knew of, at the most beautiful times of day. 
  • Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Trophy - Through winning most of the events that year, Sonic took home the trophy for the Winter Olympics once! 
  • Ancient Light - Sonic Adventure series canon, Sonic uses this to attack enemies at lightspeed. Unfortunately, due to having to re-equip it each Adventure game, headcanon states that the power scatters like the Chaos Emeralds and Sonic has to re-discover it every time.

.: PETS :.

  • Speeder the Shiny Blue Swim Chao - An Anon gave Sonic a shiny blue Chao egg, which hatched rather quickly; and irony struck to have Speeder evolve into a swim Chao when his owner can’t do such a task himself. Speeder is a rather silent, kindhearted Chao, and only makes noise on occasion. He lets his body language and emotion ball speak for him.

  • Butter the Chao - This Chao, however, was lost in a zone somewhere and fluttered on Sonic’s head. After a week of being unable to find the Chao an owner, and of the Chao raiding his sweets, he decided to keep him. Butter is a rather cheerful Chao, but tends to be a rascal sometimes; especially when sweets are involved. The Chao has a huge sweet tooth, and always has a toothy grin on his face.

  • Mel the Trapinch - Actually named Melody, this Trapinch was a gift with a note attached saying ‘do a barrel roll’ from an anon. Level 6 and a girl, so far this Trapinch is an utter sweetheart and will love on anyone she meets instantly. Her favorite food are Pecha Berries. She can also act like a dog on occasion.