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I've never felt like this, I'll keep on running~!
And I won't give in; won't compromise, 'cause I only have a steadfast heart of gold!
Fastest Thing Alive here! And if you ever need help with anything, my ask is open. I'm all ears!

Chaos Emeralds: Green, red and gray. From other zones, purple, cyan and blue.

Current status: Has a lot of burned spots from running into LAVA SEVERAL TIMES.... DANG IT, MAGIC ANONS.
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"But, still…", she says with a small amount of volume in her voice. "Just tell me. I can sometimes be… You know; girly when I’m around you, hehe."

She giggles for a while sort of nervously, as she scratches the back of her head and twitches her pink ears.

What, like right now? *He said as what he thought was an obvious joke to her giggling, his smile only getting wider. He chuckled himself afterwards. 

For an Amy that seemed scared he was gonna run away, she sure wasn’t catching that he wasn’t bothered by any of this! 

Was something going on between her and the Sonic she knew…?*

Anonymous asked: Im sure you were bigger where it counts while you were a werehog.


A—… As the guy who was stuck like that for more or less a week, I… wasn’t. 

I don’t think Dark Gaia would want control of that part of me anyway, heh. It’d probably make him sick to think about. 



Track: Tropical Resort (Act 1) (Sonic Colors)
Artist: Tomoya Ohtani
Album: Steelpans and Pixel Waves


Enjoy this summer with a summery game mix! Happy memories! 

#23 Tropical Resort (Act 1) (Sonic Colors)

(feel free to make a request/suggestion for this mix via ask/message)
You can hear my Christmas game mix here.


The Trader Joes in my hometown has the best “open” / “closed” signs!

Sonic Adventure Scene Recreation

Smoke by lkt565760


sprEAD HAPPINEss WITH PASTEL-Y COLOReD SONIC (⁎⁍̴̛͂▿⁍̴̛͂⁎)*✲゚*。⋆♡

~ * B E L I E V E * ~


.:Star Bits:. by estefanoida